Saturday, May 30, 2015

Picture of Freedom - My America

Triumph. Freedom. Victory. Resolve. Liberty. Independence. 
Undefeated. Future. Greatest Nation. America.

The old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words" rings true. 

I am back after a long hiatus (more on that another time). This weekend I was in New York City for one of my close friend's wedding. New York embodies the American Spirit in so many ways. Passing by Ellis Island is a reminder of all the immigrants, including my great grandmother, who came to our shores seeking the American Dream. In the middle of the New York Harbor stands the Statue of Liberty, tall and proud, as she welcomes to her shores all seeking a new beginning. New York is not just about tall buildings, great food and shopping. Those things are because of the people who built New York. Each group of immigrants (Jews, Irish, Italian, Germans, etc) brought their traditions and expertise with them. Many, if not most, came with nothing, except a will and determination to work hard and make a new beginning. And a new beginning they made.

The new Freedom Tower is the ultimate embodiment of the American Spirit. Its official address is One World Trade Center. Yes, One World Trade Center. It has risen up from the ashes of the Twin Towers. The 9/11 Memorial lies in the shadows of the Freedom Tower as a reminder of those who lost their lives and why we must fight for our freedom. The Freedom Tower is a picture of American resolve and triumph. One World Trade Center stands in direct defiance to those terrorists who sought to crush the American Spirit.

We Will Never Forget. 

God Bless America.