Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Long Awaited Decision from Sarah Palin

After months of speculation, Sarah Palin announced her discussion regarding a prospective run for president of the United States. She issued a statement today that after much prayer and thought, she has decided not to run, but will instead work to elected strong conservatives to Washington in 2012, including the president.

I am sad that she will not be one of the candidates as I greatly admire her and would have supported her, yet I respect her decision and realize at the same time that she is capable of doing more in promoting conservative values as just an American citizen then as a candidate.

With her decision today, and recent repeated statements from Chris Christie stating that he is not running, it appears that the GOP field of candidates is now set. Many people are tempted to just sit back and watch the primary season unfold, especially with several primaries getting moved into January. I, however, will soon be deciding on which candidate I support.

While I understand why some people are going to wait and watch, I feel this is a grievous error. The 2012 Presidential election is one of the most important in the history of our nation. And while we need to remove President Obama from the White House, we cannot afford a moderate, establishment Republican to replace him.  We need a strong conservative to lead our country.  Thus, each person needs to NOW research the candidates and support, in whatever fashion they are able, a specific candidate in the primaries.  If voters sit back and just watch the process unfold, then we are likely to have a nominee, such as Mitt Romney, who is not a conservative but has most the money. But if we are active in the primary process, then we THE PEOPLE can choose the conservative candidate WE want, not who the Republican establishment dictates. So PLEASE, do what you can to support a candidate now, whether by volunteering your time or financially. 

Back to the Bronx

For the 4th game of the series, the Yankees put "Jekyll and Hyde" on the mound, oh, I mean AJ Burnett. Originally, not one of the starters to be used in the Division Series after the postponement of Game 1, it became necessary for him to pitch. In the first inning, it appeared that he was going to be the loser of the season for them, but an amazing, magnificent catch by center fielder Curtis Granderson saved the day and allowed AJ to pitch a gem of a game and the Yankees season to continue on. Alex Rodriguez and Mark Texiera, who have both slumped big time in the series, started to break through and show some life as they lead the 8th inning barrage in rout to a 10-1 victory, which sends the series back to the Bronx for a decisive Game 5.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yankees Postseason Run

The Yankees have won their 17th American League Division Title and once again are in the playoffs, facing the AL Central Division winners, the Detroit Tigers for the first round.  After an interesting start and rain postponement, the Yankees won the first game.  However, they have lost the last two and are on the brink of elimination. They must win the next two games to continue on in their quest for Championship #28 or their season shall be considered a failure.  That's right a failure. Unless they win the World Series, the Yankees season was not a success.

Belated Congratulations Mariano

In early September Yankees closer Mariano Rivera became only the second man to close 600 games.  September 19 was a far greater day which will be recorded in the records books as Mo broke Trevor Hoffman's record of 601 saves with #602 of Mo's career.  It is commonly considered that he is the greatest relief pitcher and closer of all-time, this just solidifies it and makes Rivera's legacy that much greater.  He has for fifteen years baffled opposing players with one pitch - the cutter. And to add to his lore, he is the only player left wearing #42, the same number as the great Jackie Robinson.

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera on this record and milestone...

Oh Where Have I Been?

It has been almost a month since I last posted.  Where has the time gone?  I have slacked in not posting I realize, but for good reason, I have been sick and swamped at times with homework which always takes top priority.  Consequently, I have missed watching the last two presidential debates.  I told myself that I would look them up and watch them online later, but that hasn't happened yet.  Due dates keep cropping up and preempting those good intentions. But as I am back on top, at least for now, I shall endeavor not to fall behind so terribly again.