Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why I Write

I figure that it was about time to share why I started this blog (and it isn't cause I LOVE writing). Shortly after I began this blog, a friend asked why in the world I would start a blog since I hate to write. :) The truth is that I hate writing about things I am not interested in or passionate about. So, you will not find anything about Biology, Philosophy, or other "related" topics here. :)

I write to express and share my thoughts and opinions about politics, baseball, and America for a several reasons: 1) To educate people about the Constitution and the desire of the Founding Fathers; 2) Because I love baseball so much; and 3) To share my AMERICA!

I have been blessed to travel to all 48 contiguous states, 6 Canadian Provinces, and 9 countries (including the US). America is the greatest country on earth and I want to show everyone why I love it--what makes it so unique. This includes the founding of our country. There will also be posts titled "My America" that highlight different aspects of the US from my perspective.

The title, "An American Yankee Girl," was chosen for multiple reasons. I initially thought of "An American Girl" because that is what I am but it was not available, consequently requiring the addition of another word. As I started thinking, I realized what better word to compliment American then Yankee. It isn't just because I am a die-hard New York Yankee fan or a Northern Yankee when it comes to the Civil War (my blood does run Yankee blue). These two facts did contributed to the final choice, but the main reason is that Americans themselves are frequently referred to as Yankees or Yanks by the rest of the world. During World War I, George M. Cohan, wrote the song "Over There" in which the chorus says that the "Yanks are coming." The term has been used repeatedly to describe Americans. So, what better title then "An American Yankee Girl."

If you haven't figure out already, I love my country -- the United States of America. And, I am PROUD to call myself an AMERICAN!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cut, Cap, and Balance

The Cut, Cap, and Balance bill is headed to the Senate in the morning to be voted on, well, actually to be voted on whether to debate it and then vote to pass it. I know I wrote earlier this week about what I felt was wrong with it. I have not changed my overall opinion of it, there are errors in it; it could be a lot stronger on certain things. However, I believe it also needs be passed. Right now it is the best plan out there and I don't think a better one will come along, at least in the near future.

This is why every single one of you needs to CALL your senators and tell them YES, vote YES!!! The senate is voting tomorrow morning at 10:30 EST, so call early.

You can find your senator at

Please call and tell your senators yes.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Rodeo - My America!

Last Saturday night I went to the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo here in Colorado Springs. It was a blast. There is nothing quite like the thrill of cowboys on bulls and bucking broncos, watching as they hold on with every ounce they can muster just to stay on top of their ride for a fraction of a second longer then everyone else. The skill involved in roping and cutting steers is amazing. My favorite event though is the barrel racing. I love watching the cowgirls with their long, curly hair waving under their cowboy hat and glitzy accessories flashing as they fly on their horse around the arena and barrels.

This is another part of my America that I love and I don't believe that any country can match. Now rodeos are for fun, more of sport, but the skills they demonstrate were a crucial essential to survival on the western frontier.

Enjoy snapshots of the rodeo through my eyes (compliments of my camera lens)...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thoughts on some of the news of the past week

I have sat staring at my screen for the longest time attempting to figure how to explain no posts for several days. Simple fact of the matter is I've been trying to enjoy summer when my homework does not get in the way too much. Several items in the news jumped out at me this week and so I figured I'd share my thoughts an all of them in just one post.

Budget Issues

As I have said before, money and economics are not my strength, yet, somehow when it becomes the big news of the day and I am one of the thousands of people struggling to find a job, I am beginning to learn more about it.

Many of the Republicans on Capitol Hill are favoring the Cut, Cap and Balance Act. I agree with two-thirds of it--cutting spending and a Constitutional Amendment. Whatever is done, raising the debt ceiling is not the answer and it should not be done. Our debt is great enough without allowing us to go any deeper. A friend described the problem as a person who maxes out all their credit cards and then asks for a raise. What credit card company would ever grant that request? So why then can our government get more "credit" after maxing out all of its "credit cards?" No business would still be around if they ran their finances like our government does. We need to cut spending, but the last thing to cut is military pay checks, defense spending, Social Security, and federal agencies like the CIA and FBI. What should be cut is the president's pet projects in which the government has no right to be involved in. Cutting back and having less money is never fun, but honestly, who ever gets everything they want? Not even celebrities do. Human nature always wants more and is never satisfied.

As to a Constitutional Amendment, I am in favor of it. Even though I am in compete support of less government, this is not an issue of the government getting involved in something they should not. It is an issue of responsibility and if the people who are elected to be in charge can not do it on their own, then rules and laws must be instated. That is the purpose of government-- to provide checks and balances because of the human sin nature. So we need to pass this Amendment to protect our country.


The final shuttle was recently launched into space, thanks to the men and women who do not seem to have the knowledge that our space program budget is one of the things that should not be cut. Some people may think it's wise, but that is because they do not fully realize all the the space exploration program has done for us as individual and society. Just stop and think about all the items or science behind them that we have in our life that we would not otherwise enjoy--personal computers, cell phones, microwaves, GPS, and more. I hope that the space program is expanded again someday, we need it.

Banning Mosques Being Built

An article on Fox told about a small town in Tennessee that wants to ban the building of a mosque because the proposed spot is special to the town. Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, came out in support of the ban and implied the it would be good to outlaw the construction of mosques everywhere. My response was "REALLY????" It went on to say that it would not violate the Constitution as mosques are not just a religious place, but seek to institute Sharia Law.

I am 100% against Islam and Sharia Law, but I am 200% for the First Amendment and freedom of religion. We already have enough issues of people trying to invoke "separation of church and state" that the last thing we need to do is ban the erection of a religious building.

The Founding Fathers' desire, purpose, and motivation was to insure freedom OF religion, meaning any person could practice any religion at any time and in any place they so desire. In fact, if they wanted to deny there is a God, that was okay too. In England, many of them had lived under a State Church that had almost as much power as the government and they did not want that for our country.

So let them build their mosque. Muslims are at times very inconsiderate of the locations they choose such as the attempt at Ground Zero or this town in Tennessee, but a ban is un-Constitutional. As to the issue of Sharia Law, I do not feel it is my place to say that it should be banned completely, but it is not the law of our land. If Muslims desire to practice it among themselves and in the mosques, so be it, just DO NOT impose it on Americans in general. That is not how our country was founded and on that I will stand firm. I have no doubt that there are certain Biblical practices that the Muslims would like to forbid, yet Christians have the freedom to practice any Biblical commandments they so desire as a community. Some might argue that it is different considering that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. That is true but our country does not abide by every law in the Bible. Thus, allowing Muslims to fully practice Islam is no different believers "practicing" Christianity.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All-Star Break

I love watching the All-Star Game festivities for it is a time to see players relax and truly have fun, while putting aside for the most part, team rivalries. The rivalry during this week is between leagues not teams. So for one time during the year I root for Boston and all American League players, not just my Yankees. It is a time to watch the legends of baseball mingle with the stars of today. Tomorrow night I will be camped out watching the game with the person who gave me my love of baseball and taught me all I know -- my Dad.

For me this year is sort of bitter-sweet. The All-Star game is being held in Phoenix where my grandpa lived later in life. He is the reason I am a Yankee fan. My grandpa grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and as a little boy watched Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and the rest of the great Yankees during the 20's and 30's from the right field bleachers of Yankee Stadium, when a double header cost 25 cents. If he were still alive, I'd hope to be in Phoenix watching the game with Grandpa and my dad.


Congratulations to Robinson Cano for winning the Home Run Derby tonight. He put on a great show. It was special to watch his father pitch to him, and Joe Torre to present the award. I'm so glad the Boston player didn't win, though it was fun watching the final round be Boston versus New York. New York prevailed and Cano and his three fellow All-Star teammates celebrated like it was the playoffs.

Debt Ceiling and Taxes

The big issue on Capitol Hill currently is passing a budget and whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. To put it frankly, they are idiots to even consider such an idea. My intent is not to be disrespectful but sometimes people need a "reality-check."

Economics has never been my strongest area; I am working being more educated in regards to it. However, it does not take an economist to figure this problem out. It's simple -- cut taxes and spending. The problem is not that the debt ceiling is too low, it is the out of control spending of Washington and all the government programs. People don't need them, they need their own savings.

Under Reagan, it was proven that reducing taxes increases revenue. To many Washington elitists, this sounds incomprehensible. It is simple, by decreasing what a person compulsorily pays in taxes, then voluntarily they will use the extra money to go buy the dress they've been admiring for weeks, or a new computer, or whatever it is. When people start buying products, the stores need more employees to support the sales and the product companies need them to supply the demand. All of this in turn creates a booming economy.

Washington has lost touch with reality and their constituents. I am not a conservative or Republican because someone told me to, but because after looking at all the issues, the right side seems to be the most grounded and don't have their head in the clouds. Democrats are so concerned about their own agendas and what they have been brainwashed into believing is the right thing, that they cannot consider what is best for the greater good of Americans and our country.

Cutting taxes and spending might mean that Americans would have to sacrifice for a while until the economy gets going again. But they are already doing it just with no end in sight. Cut taxes and things will get better. Don't raise the debt ceiling, it will only make it worse.

Many people just sit back passively and watch what is happening in DC while complaining to their friends. One of the great things about our country is that every person has a voice and say in what happens. We can have an influence in the outcome of what happens in Congress. Call your congressmen or women and senators and let them know how you feel. Ultimately, most men and women in Congress care more about being reelected then how they vote, consequently if enough constituents voice their opinions, the senator or congressman or woman will vote in favor of the people in ensure reelection.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Congratulations Derek Jeter

He did it! And in typical Derek Jeter fashion too. #3000 was his second hit of five in yesterday's win against Tampa Bay. He only had to try for it once and it was a home run, not some slow roller but a solo home run which tied the game. It was fabulous watching the fans cheering him, including a standing ovation and a couple of curtain calls. The best part was the entire team greeting him at home plate. It was only fitting that the first two to greet him, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera, are part of the Core Four, all of whom came up together in 1995.

A neat fact of trivia is that Jeter who wears the number 2, collected his 3000th hit at exactly 2pm eastern.

Jeter's family was in attedance watching as he became only the 28th player to make history. He was only the second to hit his 3000th via a home run. Of the previous 27 players, all except three are Hall of Famers. One is banded from the HoF (Pete Rose), one is guilty of steroid use (Rafael Palmeiro), and the last one (Craig Biggio) is not eligible yet.

Congratulations to Jeter poured in from all over the country. Bernie Williams, former Yankee center fielder, put the day in perspective perfectly when he stated,
"In true Jeter fashion, you did not limp into the 3000 hit club, but absolutely blew the doors off of it.While the home run for number 3000 is what everyone will remember from this day…knowing you…you probably are more satisfied with that eighth inning single up the middle that won the game."

It was a great day for baseball period. Anyone is who a baseball or sports fan should appreciate this achievement. This is not a accolade in which favoritism should be involved. Every news station was covering Jeter's feat of history.

I feel privileged to have had to opportunity to watch history live as well as many of his other landmark hits over the years. Jeter is one of the most talented, classy sports player of all time.

Congratulations on history. Here's to #4000 and beyond...

Jeter's 3,000 hit...

A look back at Jeter's career...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

And the wait continues...

Sadly, Derek Jeter did not get a single hit tonight, and neither did any of his teammates. No, it was not because the opposing pitcher pitched a shut-out or perfect game. RAIN! Yes, tonight's games was rained out and so I must wait another day for Jeter to hit #3,000.

However, Jeter, along with Alex Rodriguez, have withdrawn from playing in the All-Star Game. Mariano Rivera declined early this week. All three are staying home to rest and recover from nagging injuries. I'm sad as they are some of my favorite Yankee players, but if they win the World Series, it will all be worth it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Slowly Reaching History

Only one hit today for Derek Jeter. This makes me sad as I am very eager for him to hit 3,000. And to top the night off, the Yankees lost. His parents and sister were in the stands watching. Hopefully tomorrow is the day...

One Step Closer...

America's pastime is such a great stress reliever whether following from your home or sitting in a stadium listening to cheering crowds. It eases the frustration of getting a B in a college class or the pressure of a 1500 word paper due in a day and a half on a topic that I do not understand. Many people think it is a boring, uninteresting game--they're missing out. True, for the most part, it is not a fast paced, action game like football or basketball, but it is the small intricacies that make it so fascinating and intriguing, such as following a player's quest for history.

Derek Jeter's double last night was his 2,997th hit. Only three more now. Maybe tonight. I sure hope so, for many reasons. First, the game is being televised which means I can watch him hit it live, not just read about it or watch a short video clip. Secondly, the Yankees are playing a four-game home stand and he deserves to hit #3000 in front of the home fans. Also, it can't help but be a distraction to the rest of the team, so the sooner he reaches the milestone, the quicker the Yankees can get back to winning the division.

The team had just better win the game in which Jeter makes history. He has always been a team player and always will and, consequently, he looks at the bigger picture. So, if the team wins, the mile maker will be so much bigger and more meaningful for Jeter.

Hopefully tonight...7:05 EST.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Marching on...

Derek Jeter continued his quest to 3,000 hits tonight with two hits in the Yankees win of 9-2 over Cleveland. While CC Sabathia won his 12th game to lead the Major Leagues in wins.

Hopefully Jeter does not get more then three hits in tomorrow nights game so he can reach his milestone in New York over the weekend.

4th of July - My America!

For anyone who knows me, it will come as no surprise that my favorite day of the year and favorite holiday is July 4th. I wish it encompassed a whole season like Christmas! It comes and goes way to fast each year, but while the calender says July 4, I try and make the most of it. A friend commented that we are the greatest nation on earth and no other country celebrates their independence like we do. This is my America through my eyes and camera. Enjoy...

Of course I had to dress the part...

...including my nails!

Our neighborhood with flags flying

Small town America - Monument, Colorado

The day started with a parade

Soldiers from Ft. Carson -
Everyone in attendance was clapping and cheering for them.

It couldn't be complete without cowgirls...

...or tractors...

...or firetrucks.

One of my friends who was part of the parade

My wonderful Dad who went with me...

...And my wonderful Mom who prepared our picnic while we were gone.

Watermelon, coleslaw, hamburger, chips...

...freshly made Strawberry Lemonade...

...followed by Apple Pie!

The day concluded with a concert and fireworks at the
United States Air Force Academy


Another friend who was working concessions

"Old Glory"
These colors don't run thanks to our men and women in the Armed Forces

The beautiful sky

The United States Air Force Academy Band

accompanied by live canons for the 1812 Overture

The evening concluded with my favorite part of the day...


America at her best and why I am PROUD to be an American!