Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Final Evening of the RNC

This is a few days late in coming due to the holiday weekend, but better late then never, right.

The conclusion of the Republican National Convention brought several more great speeches and a surprise appearance by Clint Eastwood.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) took the stage to discuss education. However, he first proclaimed that it was time for the current administration to stop blaming his brother, President George W. Bush, for the economic problems our nation is dealing with. He stated that "a real leader would accept responsibility for his actions, and you haven't done it."

Governor Mitt Romney was introduced by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) who gave a rousing speech. He talked about his family and how they immigrated from Cuba so that their children could have a better life. One of the best lines of the whole convention was when Senator Rubio, referring to his father and the sacrifices he made, said "he stood behind the ball [in the back of the room] all those years so that one day I
could stand  behind a podium, in the front of a room." Senator Rubio is the America Dream and I eagerly look forward to the day he runs for president of the United States of America.

I felt that Governor Romney's speech was the best I had ever heard him give. He was personable and able to relate to, yet commanded attention and respect as a president should. He embraced his success as he should, because he too as lived the America Dream. Governor Romney did an excellent job of broadly outlining President Obama's failed policies and what a Romney/Ryan administration would look like. My favorite line was when he said, "But Paul, I still like the playlist on my Ipod better than yours" in reference to the comment by Paul Ryan the night before about how their respective playlists are reflections of their age. Romney's best line was he stated that "My promise is to help you and your family."

I eagerly look forward to voting for Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan November 6, and on November 7th being able to refer to them as President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect.

This week is the Democrats turn to re-nominate their chosen leader and spew all types of personal attacks at their opponents, while the repetitive drown of falsehoods blares across the TV waves.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

VP Nomination Acceptance

Wednesday at Republican Convention brought another evening of speeches. Overall, not as many impressive speeches, but those that were brought the house down.

Several of the speeches appeared blah, not stirring, and even scripted such as Governor Pawlenty. I am tired of listening to speakers read off their political talking stump points. I want to hear from the heart, from the person, not what others think that individual should say. And that is why the first speech that stood out to me was Governor Mike Huckabee. He words were those of warmth, feeling, knowledge, and from the heart, and he spoke as one who genuinely cared about what he was sharing. The highlight was when he said that he does not care what church Mitt Romney goes to, he just cares that Governor Romney is a man of faith. As Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr. said regarding the presidential election, we are not electing a pastor, we are electing a political leader.

My favorite speech was that of Condoleezza Rice. She is a brilliant, articulate woman whom as a side note, I would love to have as a college professor. It was stated afterwards that she spoke from notes, not a telepromter--amazing!!! She had many excellent points. Her personal reflection at the end was the perfect example of the American Dream. She shared as a little girl in Birmingham, Alabama, how she could not eat the Woolworth counter, yet her parents told her she could become president and she became Secretary of State. My personal favorite was when she stated that "it does not matter where you came from, it matters where you are going."

The highlight of the evening which brought the house down was the much anticipated speech of the soon to be next Vice President of the United States, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI). Governor Romney made a fabulous choice in Congressman Ryan. He brings youth and vigor, and unites the Tea Party and the old guard, all with a mature demeanor. The best line of the evening which resonated with me was when he stated that "College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life." Congressman Ryan was able to talk directly to every single American both in the convention center, as well as every individual watching across America.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Night One of RNC Speeches...

My first thought is where do I begin, whose speech do I start discussing first. Sadly due to work, I missed about the first hour and a half of speeches. However, those that I heard amply invigorated and inspired me. There was not a single bad one.

The first one I watched was Governor John Kasich (R-OH). He had such fire and was able to invigorate the crowd. The figures he quoted of where Ohio was when he became governor compared to today were staggering.

Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) roused the crowd with her speech. She appeared completely at ease and relaxed, speaking from her heart. I appreciated the warmth in her demeanor. She came across as if she was just talking to a group of friends versus giving a speech at the Republican convention.

My least favorite speeches, though not bad, were those of Senator Rick Santorum and Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ). I felt Senator Santorum's speech was heart felt and well meant, but that he was rehashing a lot of his campaign points. They were good points about strong family values, yet delivered a campaign manner. Listening to commentators today, they either loved or disliked Governor Christie. I am in the middle. I agree that he spent a good deal of time talking about his background, his family, and his state. However, many of the speakers have done the same, and that is refreshing, listening to personal aspects of the individuals. Governor Christie's mistake was that unlike, others, he did not do a good job of tying his personal life and his state into the broader aspect of all Americans and the federal government. And in that regards he failed. I would not say it was a bad speech, but it was not a excellent either.

The three speakers that stood out the most to me were Ann Romney, Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA), and former Congressman Artur Davis.

A delightful surprise with his eloquence of speech, his articulation, and his political insight was Congressman Davis. Four years ago in Denver at the Democratic convention, he seconded the motion to nominated President Barak Obama and gave one of the key speeches. Last night, he stood before Americans and explained why he was wrong in his support for President Obama.

My first impression of Governor McDonnell was that of a Southern Virginia gentleman of yesteryear, posed, dignified, and just the right amount of mystique about him. He did an excellent job of comparing and contrast his state, run by a Republican, with Democrat control governors. The best line was when he state that "the EPA is now the Employment Prevention Agency."

The highlight of the evening was Ann Romney. She is a beautiful, elegant lady who will bring grace and dignity back to the position of First Lady. It was pure pleasure watching her. Mrs. Romney was perfect describing her husband and their early life, how she fell in love with her dance partner, and how the country can fall in love with him too. Her personality seems to be semi-reserved and appeared nervous, but in a endearing, complimentary way that said "I am not use to making speeches like this but I love my country, and more important, I love my husband and am willing to do anything to help him." And it could not have had a more fitting conclusion than Governor Mitt Romney appearing on stage with her. His comment to her summed up the speech perfectly -- "You were fabulous."

I eagerly look forward to another night of great speeches.

Drum roll...And the nominee is...

Yesterday, the delegates from all fifty states cast their vote for the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee, thus, making Governor Mitt Romney the official GOP Presidential candidate. Tomorrow night, he will officially accept the nomination.

It is interesting looking at back at the Republican presidential race just a year ago. Multiple candidates were each claiming why they were the best choice over their fellow competitor, and the best choice for defeating President Obama. And yes, I was very vocal about my opinion regarding each candidate and I still stand behind what I wrote. Last night Greta Van Susten, interviewing Governor Rick Perry, asked him how the candidates after the fierce "mud-slinging" between one another could now unite together. I believe Governor Perry explained it the most clearly. The candidates are like a sports team, they are competitors. In the end, there can only be one quarterback, but multiply supporting players. Individuals may have favorite players, but in the end they all root for the same team. That team is the Republican party. It is a well known fact that my favorite sports player is Derek Jeter. And I will root harder and louder for him then any other Yankee player. However, I will always cheer on the Yankees as a team above any other sports team. That is the same in politics, I had my favorite candidates that I wish had been able to win the nomination, but they did not, and so I support the nominee because I am behind the Republican party.

I have been impressed watching Governor Romney grow and mature as the presidential candidate over the last year. Today I proudly proclaim I can and will support Governor Romney both as the "player" as well as the "team." I look forward to hearing his speech Thursday night, and Lord willing, his inaugural speech January 20th, 2013!

Monday, August 27, 2012

For the Good of the Country

There are times that politicians, in either party, must put their own ambitions aside for the good of the country. Recent days have revealed two such gentlemen in the GOP, both of whom would argue this is not the case, that they are looking out for the welfare of the country.

First, last week, Missouri Congressman Todd Akin (R) stated "in an interview with Fox affiliate KTVI...[that] a woman's body can typically fend off pregnancy during a 'legitimate rape.' 'It seems to me first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that's really rare,' Akin told KTVI. 'If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.'" http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/21/rep-akin-stays-in-race-as-deadline-passes-resists-wall-gop-pressure/ In my humble opinion, this comment was stupid, unnecessary, and totally void of sensitivity or compassion to women who have been forced to go through the horrible nightmare of being raped. From reports I have heard, it appears his statement has no medical basis. But that is not the point here, what is, however, is the Congressman Akin had no business thrusting his "nose" into something he has no understanding or background in and thus, appearing completely heartless. My intention is not to attack Congressman Akin as a person, he has apologized and I do not believe he sought to cause damage through his comments. It does not change the fact though that it is time for disaster control, and in such an important election as this, he does need to step down and let another individual challenge the Democrat opponent this November for the congressional race. Every person makes mistakes, some are more easily amended then others. This was one that for the good of the people of Missouri, and the citizens of the United States can only be rectified by another candidate running for the congressional seat.

More recently, this past weekend, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) held a rally of his supporters in Tampa, Florida. Instead of pulling his followers together behind Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), Congressman Paul appeared to belabor his campaigning points once again. "Paul told a rowdy crowd that the party would eventually drift into his 'tent.'" http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/26/ron-paul-holds-gop-convention-counter-rally-says-supporters-will-become-tent/ His beliefs are that of the Libertarian party. However, both in the 2008 election cycle, as well is the current one, he choose to run on the Republican party ticket. I admire that he is willing to stand for his beliefs and convictions, however, unlike the other presidential candidates who ran, lost, and gracefully pulled together behind Governor Romney, Congressman Paul has not done so. He continues to spout off his Libertarian views and seeks to keep his followers roused up against the GOP. He needs to accept that he lost, and urge his supporters to now support Governor Romney with the end of goal of defeating President Barak Obama. The campaign is no longer about difference between GOP candidates, between Governor Romney and Congressman Paul, between Libertarian and conservatives viewpoints. But it is between President Obama and the liberal, left-wing Democrats, and Governor Romney and the Republicans as a whole--Conservative, Libertarian, Tea-Party, moderates, etc. We must be united as one if we are to defeat President Obama, not still rehashing petty differences and bickering within. For the survival of our nation, Congressman Paul needs to unite his supporters behind Governor Romney.

Each of these gentlemen, in different ways, are actually hurting, not helping, our nation as we work hard to return our country to its founding roots. No matter what party an individual is affiliated with, when that person's priorities change from seeking what is best for our nation and citizens, to their own ambitions, they need step back and reevaluate their mission and purpose. Sadly, this state of affairs is all to common in politics today, and these gentlemen are just two of the latest to fall victim to no longer looking out for the good of the country. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Anybody But Obama....

I'm back!!!

Driving home the other night from work, I was listening to the Mark Levin radio show and I found one of his callers' thoughts very interesting and right on the mark. The caller stated that he was a Libertarian, and as thus, normally voted for third party candidates. He attempted to explain that we are not a two party system and it is only because of people's lack of faith in a non-Democrat, non-Republican getting elected that has caused them not to voted third-party. However, in this election, he felt it was so important to defeat President Obama, that he stated he will be voting for Governor Romney and urged all other Libertarians to do so.

The fact of the matter, is that we are basically a two party system by default whether individuals want to admit it or not. Third-party candidates don't have a chance, and this is the most important election to realize that. Voting for anyone other than the Republican candidate is a de facto vote for President Obama. Differences must be put aside, and President Obama MUST be defeated.

Changes need to come from within a party, not without by creating a new political group. The "Tea-Party" is an excellent example of this. As they gained strength for their conservative, Constitutional beliefs and ideas, many people suggested that they form a new, third party to replace or compete with the GOP. However, the individuals who are part of this grass-roots movement, recognized that forming a new party would be worse then leaving the current political system the way it is. Thus, slowing, and successfully, the Tea Party has infiltrated and is changing the GOP. This is the best way to change the direction of a political party.

So this November, going to the polls and voting for a third-party candidate is a dumb idea. Vote for Governor Romney, vote for Congressman Ryan, vote for the GOP/Tea Party candidate and let's take back the White House and Senate...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year / Iowa Caucus

The beginning of a new year is a time of resolutions and new beginnings, thus, what better way to start out then to begin blogging again. Fall is past, 2011 is over, and it is now 2012 -- election year; and I am back in full force (hopefully not to slack off again).

I hope all my readers enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing, joyous holiday season.

I planned over the fall to do a special posting on each of the Presidential candidates, but that has yet to happened and two of the candidates have already dropped out -- Herman Cain, and Michelle Bachmann.  I never felt that Herman Cain was the right person to be the presidential nominee, but I am most sorry for the reasons which forced him out.  With regards to Michelle Bachmann, as many have said already, she ran a dignified campaign. I respect her and wish her the best as she continues representing her Minnesota district in the US House of Representatives.

The results of the Iowa Caucus were surprising for the most part. The expected was Jon Huntsman finishing last and Bachmann not doing well. The biggest surprise of the evening was Rick Santorum, who almost won it. While I am not sure he can win the general election, I am very pleased with his showing, and it sends out a clear message as to what conservatives voters are seeking.

As the polls have shown, and last night's results proved, the conservatives are looking for someone other then Romney to represent the Republican party. He never seems to get about the 25% mark. Republican voters have slowly rotated through being in favor of Bachmann, Rick Perry, Cain, Newt Gingrich, and now Santorum. I do not feel however that Santorum will be able to sustain his Iowa success, thus leaving the door wide open for Perry or Gingrich to take back over as the lead candidate.

I was actually surprised that Romney had as strong a showing last night as he did. I expect him to finished third or fourth.  The other very surprising placement was Ron Paul actually finishing a close third. My opinion of him will be saved for a post all of its own. Equally, I was not expecting Gingrich and Perry to finish as poorly as they did. But again, nothing is every concrete in politics until the votes have been cast.

Many news commentators state that as Iowa goes so goes the national election. Well, I would like to remind everyone that it is a long way off until the Republican National Convention and only one state out of FIFTY have cast their vote. Of the last three Republican presidents (Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush), each won two out of the first three contests, but only Bush, 43, won Iowa. All three did, however, win South Carolina. It will be interesting in the upcoming weeks as to see who begins to emerge stronger.

As your state caucus or primary comes up, please vote, and do not vote based on who currently is leading, but who you feel is best suited to lead our nation. This is a critical time in our nation to return us to the values and roots on which this great country was founded.