Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Night One of RNC Speeches...

My first thought is where do I begin, whose speech do I start discussing first. Sadly due to work, I missed about the first hour and a half of speeches. However, those that I heard amply invigorated and inspired me. There was not a single bad one.

The first one I watched was Governor John Kasich (R-OH). He had such fire and was able to invigorate the crowd. The figures he quoted of where Ohio was when he became governor compared to today were staggering.

Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) roused the crowd with her speech. She appeared completely at ease and relaxed, speaking from her heart. I appreciated the warmth in her demeanor. She came across as if she was just talking to a group of friends versus giving a speech at the Republican convention.

My least favorite speeches, though not bad, were those of Senator Rick Santorum and Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ). I felt Senator Santorum's speech was heart felt and well meant, but that he was rehashing a lot of his campaign points. They were good points about strong family values, yet delivered a campaign manner. Listening to commentators today, they either loved or disliked Governor Christie. I am in the middle. I agree that he spent a good deal of time talking about his background, his family, and his state. However, many of the speakers have done the same, and that is refreshing, listening to personal aspects of the individuals. Governor Christie's mistake was that unlike, others, he did not do a good job of tying his personal life and his state into the broader aspect of all Americans and the federal government. And in that regards he failed. I would not say it was a bad speech, but it was not a excellent either.

The three speakers that stood out the most to me were Ann Romney, Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA), and former Congressman Artur Davis.

A delightful surprise with his eloquence of speech, his articulation, and his political insight was Congressman Davis. Four years ago in Denver at the Democratic convention, he seconded the motion to nominated President Barak Obama and gave one of the key speeches. Last night, he stood before Americans and explained why he was wrong in his support for President Obama.

My first impression of Governor McDonnell was that of a Southern Virginia gentleman of yesteryear, posed, dignified, and just the right amount of mystique about him. He did an excellent job of comparing and contrast his state, run by a Republican, with Democrat control governors. The best line was when he state that "the EPA is now the Employment Prevention Agency."

The highlight of the evening was Ann Romney. She is a beautiful, elegant lady who will bring grace and dignity back to the position of First Lady. It was pure pleasure watching her. Mrs. Romney was perfect describing her husband and their early life, how she fell in love with her dance partner, and how the country can fall in love with him too. Her personality seems to be semi-reserved and appeared nervous, but in a endearing, complimentary way that said "I am not use to making speeches like this but I love my country, and more important, I love my husband and am willing to do anything to help him." And it could not have had a more fitting conclusion than Governor Mitt Romney appearing on stage with her. His comment to her summed up the speech perfectly -- "You were fabulous."

I eagerly look forward to another night of great speeches.

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