Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Is Life Unfair?

We so often say that something is unfair or hear others commenting about how unfair something is. It seems we often conclude that life is unfair. But is it really? From our human perspective, yes, it is. One might miss out on a job promotion, or not get the desired grades in school. Or maybe someone is misunderstood, their reputation is possible affected, and no matter how much they may want change that, nothing can be done about it. Then what? Sit and have a pity party, complaining about how unfair life is?  Eat some ice cream? Watch a movie? Sounds about right, or does it?

How about being falsely accused for a crime that was never committed and being sentenced to death for it? Unfair? Most definitely! And yet, that is exactly what happened to Christ. He was falsely accused of blaspheme, a crime punishable by death. When we think life is unfair to us, well, there is no comparison to Christ’s death. If there ever was an unfair situation, it was Christ’s death. That was truly unfair. Yet, it was all in God’s infinite plan because through Christ’s death, we can have life.

So what about our “unfair” life? Well, I’m not suggesting life is all rose colored and happy. It is not. But there is a difference between hardship and unfairness. That difference is how we view things. God brings hard times and trials in our life. Without them, we would never grow. Precious metals are refined by turning up the heat, melting them, and then skimming the impurities off the top. If the heat was never turned up, the impurities would always remain. We should accept hard times and trials as refining times in our life when God, the Master Craftsman, is purifying us. Human nature would look at these times as unfair. But through the lens of God, it is His perfect plan. The issue is not the actual circumstance, but how we view the circumstance. Losing a job, failing a course, or being misunderstood are all part of God’s plan. God brings these things into our life to purify us.

So when life is “unfair” or “throws me a curveball” what should I do? Is life easier because the event is a “trial” versus simple being “unfair?” No. Often I complain and grumble when instead I need to relax, trust God. and have faith. He knows what He is doing. He can see what I cannot. His plan is perfect and He is in control of everything. It is not easy though to let go. In the flesh, I want to be in control, I want to fix things, I want to blame someone or something for the problems. It is a constant struggle at times to sit back and not worry. But oh the peace and contentment that comes when I am able to give all that seems unfair over to God and rest in Him, knowing He is in control. I may never understand the reason for some of the specific trials or hardships God has brought into my life. I like to guess and try and figure it out, but that is because I don’t like the uncertainty of not understanding what is going on around me. All I need to know is that God is in control and His ways are better than my ways.

Is life unfair? From a human perspective, yes. But from God’s perspective, no. What seems unfair to me, is God’s way of refining me.

“But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” Job 23:10

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